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Welcome to your future self.

Non-invasive, high tech, slimming treatment for stubborn fat and wrinkles. Tone your skin while you lose weight. 


Is your fat loss getting in the way of who you truly want to be? Cryoslim and Tone offers a non-invasive slimming treatment to help shape the body YOU want! Cryotoning is the perfect solution for keeping up with your skin while losing weight. Our services will not only slim your figure, but reduce the appearance of cellulite too!


Our Cryo facials will also reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. We guarantee your skin to come out smooth and soft.


The Science of CryoTherapy

A slimming session consists of two phases, warming and cooling. A localized warming sensation, followed by a cold sequence and a heating technique.

The immediate drop in temperature will start the apoptosis (fat cell death). Once the cells die they convert to cellular debris, to then be cycled through the lymphatic system over the next 14 days. 

Immediately after the first session you will see some "slimming" which is simply tension in the session area. That will hold from sub-zero exposure. An optimal, longer lasting result will be seen at the end of 3 to 5 sessions.

Please keep in mind slimming sessions can only be done every 14 days. If you have an event or vacation planned it is best to set up your appointments the day of your consultation. 

As for toning, or lifting, this is strictly cold temperatures to tighten, smooth and shape areas lacking elasticity by increasing microcirculation (oxygenated blood flow), collagen and elastin production. As the cold is applied it produces vasoconstriction, the warmth from my hand that follows creates vasodilation. Depending on age this session can be applied as many as one or two times a week. It will be determined at your consultation.

We take pride in our spa. We offer the best service money can buy. We make sure all of your questions are answered. There is NO JUDGMENT here. We want you to feel completely safe and enjoy your results. So what are you waiting for? Book your demo now!

This was my first time in for a treatment and I felt so comfortable and relaxed! I would highly recommend going here for all your health needs!

Desiree n.

I am absolutely pleased and amazed with my results so far. I had the cryoslim done on some stubborn belly fat. The treatment was fast and painless!

Sue l.

My technician was the best. The service was awesome and very relaxing. She had a great personality and was easy to talk to. A very comfortable setting.

janette r.

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