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Reference Videos

5-Minute Full Body Warm Up

This is full body 5 min warm up you can follow along to prior to exercise. If you follow along before your workouts, you will quickly get to know what’s coming next and won’t feel the need to watch this over and over as it will become second nature!

20-Minute Arms & Shoulders

Let’s strengthen the shoulders, triceps and biceps in this 20 minute upper body workout!

Lymphatic Drainage for your Hips, Armpits, Neck, and Head 

Do you suffer from chronic puffiness, swelling, or inflammation? Do you get sick often from having a low immune system? If you're experiencing these symptoms, your lymphatic system might not be expelling your body's waste properly. Try this 10 minute routine to drain your lymph nodes located in your hips, armpits, neck, and head.

Beginner EPIC | Lower Body

Here we go! Day 1 in the EPIC Beginners Series for those of you wanting to progress to the full EPIC Program! We are starting with a full lower body workout lasting 30 minutes.

20-Minute Full Body HIIT

Here we go! We are going for 20 minutes in this full body HIIT workout… 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds rest! Trust me your heart rate is going to be up!

5 Tips to Flatten Your Stomach 

These 5 Little-Known Tips will help Flatten Your Stomach without crazy diet restrictions. If you're tired of being told the same common weight loss advice over and over again you'll really enjoy this video. These tips will help you reduce your belly fat long term rather than constantly regaining it back.

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